About me ?


Computer engineer | Project manager

Medias, Web, Smartphones and tablets

Welcome, I like to face myself to new technical challenges !
My studies (see my CV) have allowed me to strengthen my technical skills and understand the job of project manager.

Quick CV

Technical skills

I'm fond of programming languages, I'm used to Web development, Java for Google Android, C, C++ and others.
Because I like graphics and design, I use Adobe Creative Suite softwares as a hobby.
I use these skills through the implementation of software and games for professional or personal purpose (see My video game ).


Employer Job Goals
Telecom Business School Temporary teacher For 3 months.
Teaching Web development and how to use Adobe Photoshop.
B2B-en-trade Developper WEB For 3 months.
Ergonomics analysis and modifications of the web plateform for B2B-en-trade.
ESPHI Designer, developper JAVA for Google Android For 3 months.
Internship : design and development of a Java application for Google Android.
Thales Underwater Systems Designer, developper PHP For 3 months.
Internship : Design, development and deployment of an interactive dictionary on the intranet of Thales Underwater Systems in XHTML, PHP object oriented, MySQL and JavaScript.
Junior-Entreprise DIESE Freelance developper For 2 months.
Achieving WeTalk JavaScript application on an Alcatel prototype phone. Development of an interactive JAVA server communicating with the device.

Look at my projects !

Video game

As part of the BDE 2013 campaign, an internal event to ENSIIE school, I formed a group of 3 people (AST Adrian Clement PREVOST and I) to design and develop a video game for Android and iPhone using Corona SDK technology.

I was responsible for project management, all graphics and a bit of development. The project, progressing on our free time, lasted 3 months as we had planned.
The game's environment is our school (ENSIIE) and its surroundings, and the gameplay is inspired by the friendly atmosphere that prevails there.

We used these tools to collaborate :
Bitbucket | Google Drive

Current application version :
Android app on Google Play


Feel free to contact me !

I'm looking for an internship : 6 months from March 2014